Mifeprex (Mifepristone)


Mifeprex is an abortion pill to abort a baby

Mifeprex is an abortion packet serves to end an unwanted pregnancy. Mifepristone is a key component that aids kill the embryo and halt the development of pregnancy. The process of medication takes 1 week to terminate the early pregnancy. This has to be done within 7 weeks of time; proceeding beyond than that may develop the risk of partial abortion. Initiate taking it immediately after halting of menstruation. Confirm your pregnancy and use this pill to kill the fetus. Mifepristone blocks the hormone liable to cause pregnancy. It’s a very safe, secure and secret form of abortion therapy. It is considered an easiest and less time-consuming procedure to lapse down the uninvited pregnancy. We serve this medicine at a cheap price with the assurance of quality, quantity and positive response. Get your issue solve through mifepristone; order us today to enjoy our pleasing services. 

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Mifeprex 200mg

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A Mifepristone is anti-progesterone, drags to the progesterone receptor to chunk it, by deterring progesterone from the tie. It fails to give a true biologic response to progesterone; it in fact, has both weak anti-glucocorticoid and anti-androgenic bustle. It likewise moderates and distends the cervix, causes decidual necrosis, raises uterine facing prostaglandin discharge, surges uterine contractions, and promotes uterine kindliness to manage prostaglandin.

Drugs description

Contraindicated is approved or assumed by comprising the condition of fertilized egg that has rooted exterior the uterus, enduring adrenal failure, synchronized long-standing corticosteroid therapy, a past record of prostaglandin, bleeding issue, liver or kidney damages; Pregnancy and lactation stage and an undiagnosed uterus mass.

Dosage direction

Mifeprex is an oral form of supplements supposes to be taken orally. The expiry of pregnancy supposed to be taken within the period of 49 or less than 49 days.

Adult female must take 600 mg as a primary dose followed 2 days later by 400 mg of Mifepristone as a single dose. One may get heavy bleeding proceeding for 7 days or sometimes more than that.


Mifeprex is a cheap abortion pill, not a birth control one. One must take this medicine prior completing 49 days. It is announced to terminate an early pregnancy, not a late pregnancy.


98% positive in response

No risk of the surgical process.

Private process


Dry vagina, vomiting, giddiness, weakness, bleeding, stomach ache, body pain, fever, etc. are some most seen factors of side-effects.


Place the kit completely in your contact.

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