An ED is alleged as one of the most complicated and embarrassing condition in men’s life. Impotence is an enduring sexual impediment that wields a distrustful effect on the love relationship of the partners. The helplessness of male to gratify his partner on bed take a levy on his psychological as well as physical comfort. And, hence to take out ED distress males from this mucky and smutty situation, Caverta has been introduced to be the perfect support. This drug comes in a tablet form prescribed only for the men suffering from sexual mayhem. One who smokes much must stop smoking while initiating the practice of this drug. Try not to run this habit along with this medication process. Caverta assume as one of the most effective and long lasting effect holding pills. It contains sidenafil citrate as a key component that serves ED to soothe. Its intake surely turns your sexual condition on ease. An insufficient supply of blood towards the penis results in an ED difficulty. Taking this pills results improvement in blood supply making the penis calm and the nerves widen in form. It is an oral pills prescribed to take through normal water, without breaking, crushing or mashing it. Buy Caverta Online today from our site and we can assure you the best quality, quantity and affordable rates.

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Caverta 100mg

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Caverta 50mg

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Direction of dosage

Before taking the pills one need to confirm their comfort health condition. One needs to initiate the dosage in a low amount gradually turning it into a higher amount if the dosage fails to perform well. In a day one pill has been recommended to take, crossing the limit may found detrimental for the health. You need to take this drug one hour before sexual practice, as it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get into effect. Taking this drug on daily basis has been restricted.  One can consume it only when they feel the sensation of sex. Its effect lasts minimum for 5 to 6 hours. 

Safety measures

Run the dose as and how it has been suggested. Do not take alcohol contained stuff. Avoid taking any other pills along with this. It is approved only for the men not for women. Circumvent taking heavy, spicy, cheesy and oily stuff; since, it reduces the effect timing of the pills. 

Side-effects of caverta 

Body pain, unclear vision, giddiness, weakness, fatigue, etc. are some normal side-effects seen.  


Place it in safe and secure place close to your contact.      


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