The tablet of Flagyl encompasses metronidazole a main ingredients that works like an antibiotic. It combats with bacteria; reduce its development and expansion. Online Flagyl helps eliminate the existing bacteria in the body comprising infection of the stomach, skin, respiratory tract, etc.Metronidazole works effectively counter to anaerobic bacteria and some parasites. Anaerobic bacteria stated as single-celled, living organisms which exits in the environment affecting mostly stomach, liver and pelvis area of the human body. Giardia lamblia and ameba are intestinal organisms, which is liable to cause stomach ache and loose tar in affected person. Further, one can also ease the disorder called trichomonas a vaginal parasite that causes tenderness of the vagina. Metronidazole particularly hindersand kills some of the rolesof the bacterial cells and organisms.

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Flagyl 200mg

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Flagyl 400mg

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Dosage direction of Flagyl

The amount of dosage varies as per the condition; one must take the pills as per proper prescription. Taking it in higher or lower quantity may results negative in response.The dosage differs as per the austerity of the condition, age groups and sexual category. The prescribed amount is 250 mg to 600mg;well, the strength of the dosage varies as per the severity of the infections. It is an oral pill ought to be taken with the adequate amountof water, without breaking or crushing. Practicing anything in excessive quantity perhaps cause severe side-effects. 


A person under health unfitness and facing any kind of extreme diseases must reveal it before taking this medicine. You need to maintain some hour’s gap between the dosages, rather than taking it together. A woman going through pregnancy and breast feeding stage must seek advice from the experts regarding the dosages.   


Diarrhea, light fever, headache, body pain, stomach burning, etc. are some negative impact of the drugs.


Place the medicine in the moderate temperature away from the heat and moisture.


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