Generic Dostinex

Generic Dostinex

Dostinex to ease hormonal level in women

Dostinex has been introduced to treat high amount of prolactin hormone forms in the body of women, which is liable to cause the sign of unwanted breast milk, missed period and complication in conceiving. And, the high amount of prolactin in men may cause engorged breast and reduction in sexual stimulation. Dostinex comprises cabergoline a key component to hinder prolactin. The drugs come under the class of prolactin inhibitor. This medicine has been commenced to ease the several form of health disorders in situation, when the prolactin forms in excessive amount by the pituitary gland in the brain. This is accountable to cause menstrual issues in women and fertility dilemma in men and women. Here, taking Dostinex halt the brain from producing and discharging prolactin through the pituitary gland. We have several strength of medicine available on our site known as Order it today to enjoy our services at your doorstep. We offer you the best product in a cheapest price.

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Generic Dostinex 0.25mg

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Generic Dostinex 0.5mg

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How to use the Dostinex

Direction of any drugs varies as per the severity of the condition. One needs to take the supplements according to the prescribed way; generally, twice in a week or as per the recommended manner. Since, it is a solid form of tab; you need to take it through the mouth and with the normal water without mashing, crushing or breaking. One ought to initiate with normal dose or as the physician suggested. Do not miss or over in take the dose in the process. Taking it with meal would be helpful to prevent from certain symptoms.

Safety method 

If, you are allergic to this dostinex, then do stop taking it; since, it may likely to develop the risk of side-effects. Further, anyone seems physically unfit or going through some medical process must disclose it to the experts, just to get a help for the exact dosage intake. Open your complete health history before taking this medicine.

Negative impact 

Queasiness, vomiting, stomach disorders, giddiness, light head, etc. are some form of negative impact causes after taking this pill.


Store the Dostinex in your contact area and in the box to avoid getting it expose to the sunrays, heat and moisture.


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