Imitrex holds sumatriptan a main constituent which works outstanding to ease head ache. This medicine has been introduced to assuage the issue of headache by tapering the blood veins of the brain. Cheapest Imitrex also aids decrease the stuff in the body, which can elicit head pain, nausea, gentleness to the brightness and sound and several other migraine indication. Imitrex online is specifically exerts to treat migraine headaches, at the initial stage. This drug is just to assuage the symptoms of the headache, not to reduce the attack. To get this drug drop at your place order it today from the most prominent site called

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Imitrex 25mg

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Imitrex 50mg

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Imitrex 100mg

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Deed of the medicine 

Sumatriptan is an imitated medicine fit in the category of triptan group, exerts to deal with migraine head pains. It relaxes the nervous system of the brain and facilitates the neuron function. Imitrex acts outstanding in response. 

Dosage prescription

It has been admitted to take one tablet of Imitrex entirely with the normal water. If, in case you head ache exists or fluctuates with the pain take a 2nd tablet not more than 200mg after the gap of 2 hours. Do not proceed more than that, a gap of 24 hours is mandatory to be maintained. The amount of dosage differs as per the age and genders. One needs to run the dose according to the prescribed manner. 

Prevention measures

A pregnant and lactating woman must seek help of the doctor and experts regarding the dosage. One cannot use this medicine for the common headache, loss of flexibility of one side body part, etc. Do not practice the dose excessively. 


Blurry vision, stomach burn, nausea, vomiting, etc. are seen widely. 


Store the drug in safe and secure place. Do not let it expose to sunrays, moisture and children. 


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