Resident Evil 4 Switch Not the best version, but it’s portable

Resident Evil 4 is one of those games that, regardless of the years that pass, still feels current and retains the ability to entertain whoever plays it. Since its official launch in January 2015 to date, we have seen it reborn many times through versions for other consoles and even remasters , but instead of getting tired, we keep buying it. Since the Switch became the ideal platform to revive old classics, it couldn’t be without Resident Evil 4 , which was recently released for Nintendo’s hybrid console .

Resident Evil 4 Remake hé lộ gameplay mới gay cấn – “Sát thủ cưa máy” tái  xuất cực rùng rợn

back to Spain

Retelling the story of Resident Evil 4 , after we have heard and read it so many times, would be superfluous, but if you were under a cave, we will leave you a short summary below. This title takes place six years after the events in Raccoon City, which motivated Leon S. Kennedy to undergo harsh training. At this time Umbrella ceased to exist, and several of the survivors devoted their careers to combating bioterrorism. Leon joins the secret service of the United States Government with the mission of protecting the president’s family, and this is when his problems return, because after the president’s daughter is kidnapped, he is sent to Spain to find his whereabouts. Throughout this adventure you will face Los Ganados, a group of villagers belonging to the Los Iluminados religion, who will prevent you from completing your mission at all costs.

From home to portable

Resident Evil 4 for Nintendo Switch is a port that captures the entire experience of the original game, only now you can take it with you everywhere. Visually this version is very similar to the one we had on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 , although we can also access the Separate Ways mods and the famous Mercenaries. The greatest success of this new version is that despite being the same game that we have seen over and over again, it is best enjoyed on a portable console, since it allows you to take one of the best titles with you. There is a big difference between playing with the console in the dock and without it, because when it is disassembled it is appreciated much better. The resolution remains at 720p with a constant 60fps , except for some animations of weapon reloads in which you will go up to 30fps, but nothing serious. Placed in the dock, the visual experience will not vary much, but it will feel inferior to other versions released for other consoles, since there is no extra that makes it stand out.

A classic that continues to fight

Resident Evil 4 is a game that was ahead of its time, because no matter how late you play it, it still feels fresh. The only thing that has changed, and where it is very noticeable over the years, is in the controls, because after getting used to the mechanics of Resident Evil 2: Remake , this game is somewhat strange. For starters, we have the strange ghost stick, as inertia will make you move the right stick almost automatically, when it only works to move the camera. If you remember, movement in this title is still not as developed as in other games, so you should forget about running while doing risky panning, i.e. go back to basics.

A version that does not stand out, but pleases

Resident Evil 4 is enjoyed in a unique way on Switch , especially if you use it to take it everywhere, but it offers nothing that we have not already seen, since even the function of using motion controls as on the Wii , was not included. As a port , we can say that it is very well done, since it hardly sacrificed anything to make its triumphant appearance on this console.

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