What is Google Chrome and its features?

Google Chrome is the web browser created by the company Google INC. Considered the fastest browser in the world, in a short time that Google Chrome has developed, you meet its main objectives: fast, secure, practical, stable and with a unique minimalist sense, which gives the user the greatest comfort when browsing. By the web. This browser is part of the expansion plans of the Canadian giant to other fields of the web. It can be installed on almost any operating system and is available in 50 languages. The secret of Google Chrome’s speed is based on the browser’s ability to process JavaScript codes, which are the ones used in most web pages.

How to Install Google Chrome on Windows 10 - YouTube

Apart from being easy to use, Google presents features that make it a favorite, such is the case of customizable themes, the presence of the ” Omniboox ” bar is what combines the address bar with the search bar in one, which facilitates access to the pages with a single click, in addition, it also has a presentation page in which the last or most favorites visited are shown in large boxes centered on the screen, with a screenshot as the cover, its history, allows you to find without any problem, any recent page lost with the search engine systems that are integrated.

Google Chrome Features

  • Simple and functional interface. Google Chrome is characterized by its simplicity in its interface. For users it is important that the browser is simple and functional since they aimto use it as a means to access specific information (sites). In other words, the browser is just a tool and as such it should be easy to use.
  • Google Chrome is designed to support today’s complex web applications, and is highly compatible with the most modern web programming languages.
  • Independent tabs. Google Chrome allows easy navigation through the use of tabs, and if there is a difficulty in any of them, it does not generate an incident or modification in the rest.
    • Tab movement. Another feature of Google Chrome is that it allows you to move the tabs from the inside out and vice versa. It is only necessary to take a tab with the cursor to move it to another point within the screen.
  • Supports improvements and updates. Google Chrome is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as its continuous updates and improvements. The purpose of these improvements is to make the browser faster, more stable and more functional.
  • Free and open source software. This means that users can modify, study or alter your design through the source code. The term free software refers to the philosophical freedom of the contents towards the users. While the term open source places more emphasis on the advantages of its model.
  • incognito mode Google Chrome has the feature that if the user wishes to browse anonymously, they can do so. In this way, searches and history are not recorded or stored. For this, it is only necessary to activate the incognito mode from the menu, or by pressing the F4 key.
  • Secure browsing. Google Chrome warns the user when he is about to enter a potentially unsafe site.
  • Instant Bookmarks. If there is a site that turns out to be of interest to the user, it will only be necessary for the user to press the star that is on the right side of the address bar; in this way it is stored as a preferred site in the Google Chrome Bookmarks, for easy access. The browser also allows you to generate folders to organize our bookmarks.
  • Search bar. The search bar is one of the most unique features of Google Chrome, since it allows calculations and statistics, as well as Google searches, without having to access the search engine’s website.
  • In Chrome, downloads are at the bottom of the screen. They can also be accessed by clicking “show all downloads” on the right side of the download bar. This appears in a separate tab to avoid losing information from open tabs.

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