What is Google My Business and how does it work?

Almost all of us do; The first time we are told the name of a company that we do not know, we go to Google and put its name to see what we find. The result that Google throws can vary depending on whether the company has a website or not, but almost 100% of the time we will see a tab on the right (if we are searching on a computer) or the first thing we see if we do the search. check from mobile. This file that contains a lot of information about the company in question is managed with Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google to help businesses manage their online presence . What it allows is to establish a direct link between the business and the environment where it carries out its closest activity. By means of a unique control panel, it will allow you, on the one hand, an easy and fast management of the most immediate data that your clients or users will need to contact your company, know what you do or simply locate yourself on Google Maps to be able to go see you, and on the other, Google My Business offers a lot more possibilities to improve the online presence of the company, from the management of reviews to the possibility of uploading photos and videos of the company and a long etcetera.

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Where do I start to Google My Business?

Well, logically we will have to start at the beginning, that is, we will have to verify that we have a company profile in Google My Business and if not create it.

First thing check your company

When starting to work with Google My Business, it is very important to verify our company. In addition to protecting our presence in Google, if we do not verify our company, we will not be able to access all the features that Google offers us. The process is very easy. If our company file is already created, what we have to do is claim it by clicking on ” Are you the owner of this company?” and follow the verification process. If it is not created, we will have to create it ourselves from scratch and we will also have to verify it. The process in both cases is simple and Google offers us different possibilities, for example by telephone, by email or the most classic receiving a card by ordinary mail , in all cases Google will provide you with a code that must be included in Google My Business to verify that you are the owner of that business. It may interest you

Google My Business Possibilities

Google My Business is much more than just filling in some contact information or locating your company on Google Maps, it offers many possibilities and it is important to know them in order to take advantage of them, so I will tell you about the most interesting ones:


It is a small tab that you will see under the information about your company when you search for it on Google. In it you can promote all kinds of things: new products, announce events, highlight one of your articles, etc. It is a section that allows a point of contact with your customers or potential customers that many companies in your competition are not taking advantage of, so now you know.


It is one of the fundamental sections and that you have to review thoroughly. It is where you indicate all the information of the company, contact details, telephone numbers, opening and closing hours and a long etcetera. The more useful information you provide here to your potential customers, the better. Of course, it is important that the information is correct, check it carefully.


Google My Business offers a fairly complete statistics section where you will be able to see many interesting data about your page, however, like all data, they are not very useful if you do not stop at some point to analyze them and try to draw useful conclusions. .


Another very important section since from here you can review and respond to reviews. It is very important that you do so, especially in the case of negative reviews to which you must respond and manage.


In order to use this option, it is necessary to do it from a smartphone  using the official Google My Business app, available for  iOS  or  Android . In order to activate messages (and then attend to them), you have to go to the “Customers” section and activate them in “Messages”. Once this is done, customers who see your file from their mobile will have a “Message” button enabled and by clicking on it they will be able to send you one directly at the time they need it.


Well yes, Google My Business allows us to show products to users who visit our file, so we must take advantage of it. You can add products with their images, descriptions and prices and also a button with different accounts that will redirect the user to the product file where they can purchase it. There are many more options offered by Google My Business, I have only mentioned some of them that I think are quite interesting, but you should know that depending on the sector you work in you can see other options, for example, specific options are activated for restaurants , etc. so check all the possibilities.

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