Windows 11: Top features coming to the new operating system

The launch of Windows 11 wasn’t a surprise when it happened today, but it brought more features than just a few curved boxes and a central Start menu. In fact, there are some really smart additions to the new version of Windows that will benefit everyone from business users to gamers. Windows has been around in various forms for 35 years and has remained the most popular operating platform for most of that time. But competition has never been fiercer, with Mac OS and Chrome offering real alternatives, Microsoft needed to find a way to keep Windows relevant for the next generation.

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While we did see some flashbacks, this release was about looking forward to Windows and building a platform for the future. It focused on giving others a way to succeed and giving users a choice between the apps and programs they used, a thinly veiled view of the competition. Here’s a roundup of the best new features you’ll be introduced to when you upgrade to Windows 11. If you want to upgrade more then you just get a windows 12 free download.


Microsoft Teams may not have the cool factor of Zoom or even Google Meet, but it has provided a solid work solution for many users over the past few years and has been changing more for consumers recently. With Windows 11, Teams is integrated into the platform, making it easy for you to connect and share. Whether you’re sending files or holding video conferences, everything is now just a few clicks away. Unsurprisingly, there was no mention of Skype; I’m afraid it has finally gone the way of MSN Messenger.


Multitasking is a big focus in Windows 11, as we realize that most users these days try to keep track of more than one application at a time (I’m currently working on two screens that are full of windows). New snapping layouts make it easier to arrange multiple windows on your screen, with different layouts available by default. These can be saved as groups of frames, allowing you to go and watch something else and then return directly to the multitasking view with one click, instead of having to set it up again.


For those who use their PC for multiple functions, such as a work machine, a personal machine, or a gaming machine, Windows now allows you to group projects and set up multiple desktops. These desktops allow you to set things up the way you need them for work, then switch to a personal desktop for night viewing, then easily switch back. It describes them as different rooms and you can customize the names of each.

For those using a second monitor, when you disconnect the display again, Windows 11 minimizes the display of the monitor instead of dumping everything onto your laptop screen. And when you connect it back to the monitor, it opens as before. This is a really useful addition, as anyone who uses a second screen knows.


Windows Widgets is a new custom resource that pulls down from the side of your news and message selection screen. You can view them as a sidebar or stretch them out to fill the entire screen. It’s similar to widgets in MacOS, with things like calendar view, weather, featured stories, and photos available. Still, it’s a nice feature,¬† ¬†especially when working on one screen.


To work better with hybrid devices, Windows 11 provides a responsive display that you can rotate for portrait use. There was no mention of how the OS would work with dual-screen and foldable devices, but I think they’re also better supported here now. The presentation focused on using the Surface Pro with the keyboard removed and how it supports additional inputs.


Windows 11 is designed to be flexible about how you want to enter information when you don’t want to use a keyboard or mouse. It is designed for use with a stylus and has a new haptic response. It also has gesture control, either with a pen or your fingers on the touch screen. There’s a new touch keyboard that looks to work much like a smartphone keyboard: complete with swipe gestures, spacebar cursor control, and an emoji menu. You can also use voice input to dictate text with automatic punctuation, as well as voice control for commands like “delete this.”


windows 12 download 64 bit is really interesting in-game support. Here, Microsoft is leveraging its Xbox experience to deliver a more powerful gaming experience with Windows 11. Games built on Direct X 11 (or higher) will benefit from the automatic HDR feature in Windows 11 as implemented on Xbox. This will benefit thousands of games, including titles like Age of Empires. Another feature inherited from Xbox is direct storage. This allows data to be loaded onto the graphics card to significantly reduce load times. This will require the right hard drives and drivers to take advantage of, but will most likely benefit high-end gaming machines.

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